Palaeo Tours

Half-Day Tour

The half-day tour includes a private tour with a scientist to the fossil site of Drimolen, located in the "Cradle of Humankind", near Johannesburg, South Africa. We visit Drimolen instead of Sterkfontein as it is a private site and further we are able to visit the actual fossiliferous deposits. As Sterkfontein is open to the general public, it is a great deal more touristy. For those that wish you can visit Sterkfontein after or prior to our tour as public tours are offered to the general public every half hour.

The tour normally can depart either in the morning or afternoon but can be adjusted slightly to accommodate your schedule. You can either meet us at the entrance to the Rhino and Lion Park and follow us onto the Drimolen fossil site or we can arrange transportation at an additional cost. Waters and Juices are provided, but for those that want a coffee it is available for purchase at the cafe "Neck and Deck" at the entrance to the Rhino and Lion Park.

Palaeo Tours Cast Demo Talk
Palaeo Tours Talk at Sieve at Drimolen

Half-Day Tour Schedule

09h00/12h00:  Meet group at hotel/B&B (for those requiring transportation) and depart for the "Cradle of Humankind" World Heritage Site.

10h00/13h00:  Arrive at the Rhino and Lion Park and continue on to Drimolen. Enjoy a short game drive on the way to the fossil site of Drimolen.

10h30/13h30: Arrive at Drimolen. A short fossil cast demonstration and talk on human origins is presented.

11h30/14h30:  A guided tour of the actual fossil deposits of Drimolen is conducted. As Drimolen is a working site, one has the rare privilege to see two million year old fossil unearthed for the first time. 

12h30/15h30: Depart Drimolen for return to Johannesburg, Pretoria, ORT or Magaliesburg.

14h00/17h00: Arrive back at initial departure point. 

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