Palaeo Tours

While visiting Johannesburg or Pretoria, why not spend a half day with us on an exciting and unique adventure into our own distant past!? We offer individuals or groups the rare opportunity to tour one of the world's most important and richest pre-human fossil sites in the "Cradle of Humankind" World Heritage Site, Gauteng, South Africa. The tour encompasses the private site of Drimolen - one of the the three richest Palaeo-anthropological sites in southern Africa.

Since 1936, some of the most exciting fossils our human ancestors have been found, only 50 minutes from Johannesburg or Pretoria, South Africa at the dolomitic cave sites in the "Cradle". Palaeo-Tours has been providing specialist, scientist-led tours to the general public for over 17 years. So join us for a private tour of these sites with our staff of Palaeo-anthropologists and Archaeologists and gain a glimpse into the world of our ancestors.

Palaeo Tours has been conducting tours to the fossil sites in the "Cradle of Humankind" since 1997. We have introduced thousands of people to the fascinating study of human origins. Our unique speciality is that we work intimately with the Palaeontologists, Palaeo-anthropologists and Archaeologists either running these sites or studying for their graduate degrees on topics based on these World Heritage Fossil Sites. We are happy to tailor make a tour for an individual or a group. All tours are private and need to be arranged in advance. Please send us a booking request to check availability as we do book up in advance.

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